Summer's (nearly) upon us!!

Kirsty Simpson

Summer's nearly here and we've been busy at the studio.

We have taken on a new artist- Valeria Marinaci. She's with us three days a week and is taking walk ins and appointments so if you'd like to get something from her email [email protected] or pop into the studio! If you'd like to follow her work you can do so on her personal instagram @valeriamarinaci. We're so happy to have her as a permanent member of our team.

We also have artist, illustrator, and all round neat guy Mr Heggie with us until the beginning of June. He's been translating his own brand of happy miserable scrawlings onto the skin of you lovely folk and they look pretty darn cool. Surprisingly he still has space while he's here so if you'd like to get some work done email [email protected] or, again, pop into the studio. You can see more of his work at

Sotja Saw from Honest Tattoo, Athens will be guesting with us from 4th-6th June. She has limited space available so if you'd like to get tattooed email [email protected] with your ideas.

Aside from all this our resident artists are still taking appointments and are more than happy to hear your ideas. We also have lino prints available at the studio and have recently set up a big cartel where we will be selling said prints and other merch when that comes available- as the lovely weather is nearly here we'll be having some t-shirts and other Summery bumf made- eeep!

We'll soon be cracking on revamping the shop front so keep your eyes peeled or pop by for a nosey! 

New Artist- New Name- New Website- New Facebook

Kirsty Simpson

Having spent the past few months redecorating, rebranding, creating merchandise and preparing for and working Brighton Tattoo Con and Manchester Tattoo Tea Party we're looking forward to a few months to re-gather our thoughts and concentrate on work.

Keep an eye out for a big cartel store coming up where we'll have merchandise, limited run lino prints, one off artworks and other fun things available.


We are on the lookout for a full or part time artist. A strong portfolio of work is a must, and just as important- no inflated egos, drama queens, gossip merchants or muck spreaders(!). If you'd like to apply please send links to any of your online presence to [email protected] or, if you're local you can do it the old fashioned way and pop in with your real live portfolio.

We are in the process of building a new website at Our current website will be staying live for the foreseeable future to help clear up any confusion, as will our Nine Facebook account while we create a new DEAD SLOW page. Facebook won't allow us to change the name of the Nine one.

We still have the rather wonderful Craig Ridley with us each month and are constantly looking for new guests- if you would like to come work with us email [email protected].

Check out this month's Skin Deep magazine- we've been lucky enough to be featured with an excellent interview/ write up from Julian Paszkiewicz and crazy light painting photos from Justin @glowbooth instagram.


Brighton Convention and Shop Re-Name

Kirsty Simpson

As you can see from our home page we're in the process of re-naming the shop DEAD SLOW.

We have a new email address [email protected] and are currently building a new website. We are still using our old email and are keeping this website live until we're out of the transitionary  period. We still have our existing instagram account but the name has changed to @deadslowco. Facebook is still under Nine Tattoo Studio.

Myself (Kirsty) and Jack are very happy to be working Brighton Tattoo Convention 20th, 21st and 22nd Feb, and have flash drawn up for walk ups all weekend. There will be some lino prints and also a handful of brand new shop hoodies for sale so grab one before they sell out!


We invite customers old and new to join us on this new and exciting journey and if you're heading to Brighton Tattoo Convention this month come say hi!

New Year, New Guests.

Kirsty Simpson

If you follow any of our social media you'll see that we have spent our Christmas holiday redecorating the shop with the help of some amazing friends. We re-opened on Tues 6th Jan 2015, to a shop full of artists, being ever so nearly finished.

We have Lea Nahon and Saskia Chowles with us for this week and Cy Wilson will be around until the end of January.

If you'd like to get tattooed by Cy while he's here have a look at and email [email protected]. Cy's working methods differ from some tattooists so if you've never been tattooed by him, or even if you have, it's definitely worth reading this interview which will shed some light on his process; with him and his partner Caro : .

We will be updating the website with new shop photos soon but in the meantime keep an eye on our guests and get in touch if you'd like to get tattooed.

Happy New Tings x

New Beginnings...

Kirsty Simpson

Things have changed massively at Nine recently with the departures of Kirsty Bateman, shop owner/ manager of six years and, Nine/Temple Tatu staples, Nigel Palmer and Ade Stacey.

Myself (Kirsty Simpson) and Jack Applegate are the new, proud owners of Nine and are looking forward to Brighton tattooist Jonny Breeze joining us on the 18th Nov 2014.

We have Lea Nahon doing a spot with us in January and are always on the lookout for new guests. If you're interested drop us an email [email protected]

And Troy Beard doing general shop managery wizardry and providing a creative kick up the proverbial (check out his artwork- he's proper good).

We have lots of new ideas that will come to fruition over the next few months and are still looking for full and part time artists and guests. In the meantime keep an eye out here and our shop and personal instagrams @nineboycesstreettattoo @kirstysimpsontattooist @offshoretattooing @jonny_breeze @bakuviousvondoom @chasen9ne and our facebook page for updates.

Thank you all for your continued support and here's to an outfit that promises to be so much more than the sum of its parts...

All Change!

Kirsty Simpson

Well, today was my last day at the studio.
After running and owning Nine from the beginning, it is time for me to part ways and leave the legacy to Kirsty S and Jack to continue running it. Jonny Breeze will be joining them as of the 18th November.
Ade will be running his own studio, Axios, in Hove and Nige will be joining him. If you want to follow their journey, you can view their own websites:
I wish to take this opportunity to thank all who gave their support over the years and wish you all the very best for the future.
Much respect and warmth to you all,
Kirsty Bateman

Tattooist Wanted

Kirsty Simpson

We have a vacancy for a full time tattooist, but will also consider part time.

Do you have a strong, unique and consistent portfolio?

If so, please email [email protected] attaching a minimum of 5 images of your work and give links to your Instagram, Facebook account, blog or website so we can view more.

We look forward to hearing from you!

(Please do NOT get in touch if you are looking for an apprenticeship or cannot supply the above criteria).

Valentine Art Show

Kirsty Simpson

Please follow and support the Valentine Art Show at the next Brighton Tattoo Convention.

An art show and charity action featuring works donated by artists participating in the Brighton Tattoo Convention 2014. After the event the works will be on display here at Nine until the end of February 2014.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

A massive thanks to Ade, Woody Blackheart and all participants.

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