Our Story

Dead Slow, Brighton owned by resident artists Jack Applegate and Kirsty Simpson since November 2014.

Jack and Kirsty acquired Dead Slow after both tattooing out of the studio for a number of years (Jack six and Kirsty two and a half) back when it was called Nine. Since taking over they have made numerous changes including complete redecoration, new resident artists and now, a new name.

"Nine is a friendly custom studio forging an atmosphere of creative spirit in the heart of Brighton. Whilst some studios focus on reputation, Nine is more interested in providing high quality work that is unique, engaging, and flawlessly executed. The resident artists specialise in custom pieces and bring their distinctive talents to the process, and in collaboration with the client they ensure that a uniquely personal piece suited to their individual tastes and sensibilities is created.

Understanding that for many a tattoo studio can be a very intimidating place, especially for those who have not visited one previously, the vibe at Nine is welcoming and laidback. Always clean, and with the resident artists’ works showcased in portfolios and comfortable areas for clients and potential clients to informally discuss their ideas with the artists, Nine strives to ensure that every experience with the studio is a positive one.

The dedicated client base and remarkable body of work that the studio has built up serve as testament to their combination of artistic excellence and their client-friendly approach, making Nine the most important, original and exciting studio in England".